He always plays with my head, but he's accepted by my heart. What do I do?

I have known this guy for well over three years. In August we admitted feelings and we had it going well for ourselves we werent dating at the time just mainly seeing if we would be compatable to work out. His X had gotton the idea to ask for another chance... he took her back I was hurt at first but hey we werent dating not much I can say. So they dated for awhiles and broke up (she lied sooo bad). Recently he apologized. One night when we were chilling and talking I told him I still like him. I have never been so comfterable with anyone In my life y'all I have insane anxiety and depression and with him it goes away. But apparently he wants to play little mind games. Flirts with me insanely... then he goes and says we are like family and shit and it just annoys me like wtf bro. Knows I like him... then he goes and starts asking advice on other girls and shit. Knows I will always be there for him, Goes and makes me feel special, Gives me hope, Tells me he will be there for me, Messes with me the same as back in August... then goes and bullshits, she's too young, etc etc. y'all are probaly going to tell me leave him dont worry about him etc etc etc But I can't... Like I said, when Im with him everything goes away my anxiety etc... He asked why girls can't open their eyes and see whats infrount of him but why can't he do the same. ain't noone knows him or anything like I do. I Accept all advice just help I know some of you have felt this way before.


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  • Tell him that you like a guy and try to make him jelly if he really like you and can't see you with someone else then he'll come to you and if he doesn't like you then he won't care and you can also move on 👌


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