Girls, why do people always think of worst thing from a teen mom?

Ok some people will judge me for once being a teenage mother , I had my son when I was 17 no having a baby didn't ruin my life yes I did go to college I have my associates degree and my bachelors degree I am now a kindergarden teacher and yes I can give my son a good life. I had the my choice to keep my child and he did not ruin my life. My son's father and I are no longer together but he takes my son on weekends , I still don't understand why do people jump to the conclusion that if you are a teen mom your life is over or that you won't get an education? I love my son and he is the best thing that has ever happend to me.


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  • Why do people come to the conclusion "if you are a teen mom your life is over"? B/c when you have a child and decide to raise it, your life is no longer just about you. You have a whole other person to be responsible for, and your decisions have to revolve or be shaped around that fact.
    This can interfere with education, time in general, finances... the stereotype exists for a reason. The fact is a lot of teen moms don't pursue higher education, because being a mom can be a full time job, especially for people with little resources or support systems.
    This isn't to say all people assume you don't love your son, you won't get an education, or that you can't have a life, or that stereotypes aren't inherently flawed. And also not saying teen moms can't have good lives & be good parents. But it's naive to say having a child when you yourself haven't reached peak maturity & stability can't impact and limit you in many ways.

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