Should "pushover" guys execute themselves since that's just the way they are? Its funny when women claim that they like a guy who has backbone?

Every guy isn't going to be tough. Why do you think people pick fights anyways? Because they only pull bullshit with who they know they can. The only time a guy is willing to fight someone that matches him is when they know some martial arts, or getting paid to fight. Other than that, guys are scared to provoke any guy that can match them.

Too much for gagers lol!!!


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  • In a Darwinian sense, "pushover" guys that don't exude higher levels of testosterone or display dominance are unattractive to women. Their chances of passing on these genes to offspring are therefore lower. So while execution may not be blatant, they will be eliminated from the gene pool sooner or later, depending on how lucky they get in finding a women willing to have their children.

    • But guys who are pushovers usually won't challenge themselves. they only pull bullshit with those they know they can pull it with, they won't provoke anyone that they know that they will either have a hard time doing it to or someone that matches up with them. Which means they're bullies and not real motherfuckas who will provoke anyone.

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    • You can't control that.

    • Not trying to, I just know that there's not really any true tough guys out there because a 98% of guys are only going to fuck with those who they think or know they can pull it on