Mac Pro USB ports aren't recognizing devices?

The ports don't recognize my USB sticks or IPod Shuffle but it charges everything. When I plug in the shuffle nothing comes up on ITunes and when I plug in the USB stick there is no evidence of it anywhere. Please help with this?

Thanks for being useless guys *big thumbs up*


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  • there are 3 versions of USB. 3 being the latest one. also itunes must be updated to the latest version. try opening itunes first and then plugging in. how old is your USB stick and what version is it and it may be dead unless it does work with other computers

    • it also may be the format of the USB stick. FAT32 works on both PCs and MAC.

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    • The USB was given to me by someone who loaded it with files, so it isn't harmed in any way.

      It's OS X Yosemite. I've left it in there for quite a while...

    • I don't know sorry. Maybe try disconnecting your devices and restart and try again. It also may be the NVRAM.
      Is this a brand new mac or have you used it for awhile?

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  • maybe its broken?