Which one is your favorite eurovision entry so far after 2010?

I like many (for example Azerbaijan 2010-2011, Turkey 2010, Estonia-Belgium-Italy 2015, Germany 2010-2011 etc.) but I think that my fav one is Greece's entry (which I discovered accidentally this morning :p) in 2013 with Alcohol is free. I think it's a catchy song and if you translate the lyrics you'll see what im talking about:)

If you want check it out :)⬆
(P. S. Listen to it till 1:15 cauz the first 20 seconds are kind of... umm.. you know 😛)


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  • I don't follow Eurovision to be honest, but I can say my favourite entry for Turkey: https://youtu.be/3pn-VsxrGBc

    • My fav from Turkey is "we could be the same" by Manga in 2010 :)

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    • According to Turkish officers, we don't join to Eurovision anymore because Eurovision is political rather than a simple song contest. However, some say we don't join to Eurovision because our government doesn't want it since they're a bit conservative. We are hopeful to join 2016 contest. Officers announced that we won't join this year too :(

    • We were*

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  • Is that like American idol?

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