Does anyone else sleep like this?

I have trouble sleeping and when I do its like I can't keep my eyes closed for more than 20 seconds at a time until i'm severely tired and fall asleep in 20 seconds. I feel like when my eyes are closed i'm vulnerable and anything can get me, I can't see whats coming, etc, etc. How do I solve this problem? Why am I like this and who else?


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  • Is there a basis for this fear or is it irrational? I mean are you a Syrian refugee accustomed to waking up to midnight mortar fire? It might make sense that you have this sleeping pattern. Are you having trouble sleeping because you saw some show that scared you and you're afraid the bad guy from the movie will get you? That would be an example of an irrational fear.

    There are a few coping techniques a mental health professional can teach you to help you overcome whatever is prohibiting your sleep, which is super important. My favorite coping mechanism is statistics. Statistically, you'll get struck by lightening multiple times before you are the victim of a home invasion attack by a stranger. And out of all the women in North America, what makes you so special? Why would a random guy pick you out of all the potential victims out there? (ok, so it's a coping mechanism with some low self esteem components 😂). But at least it gives your fears a little perspective.

    Finally, Eliminate obvious things like energy drinks and excess sugars before bedtime, too. A sport is also a good way to ensure you sleep through the night. Soccer, running, wrestling, martial arts, skating, basketball, anything that has a cardio workout for more than 20 min. That can really go a long way. Good luck

    • Thank you and I do try to cope with my fear and rationality as well lol. I'll make rules like "If i'm under my covers nothing can get me" or "Oh, that happened in Georgia well i'm not in Georgia am I?" or i'll even look at behind the scenes parts of the movie on youtube. (I get most fears from horror films). But the sport thing was helpful! I'll try exercising. Thank you

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  • Maybe you need a security blanket or stuffed animal to protect you.

    • Lol I have a barrier of pillows I put up. Still though

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    • Thank you! I really like that considering my mom taught me a technique similar to that one when I was just a little kid that when I heard a noise, any noise, i'd logically figure out what it was "Oh it was a tree branch", "the house is moving", etc etc. :)) thanks a bunch!

    • That sounds like a good plan! I hope it works out for you!

  • ehat helped me was sleeping higher, in a bunk bed. It made me feel safer, because I would hear anyone climbing up.