[Strong Language] Can someone explain this sort of racist mindset?

So I was talking to this girl that I met who really, really likes me. She's not subtle about wanting me, in fact she's frequently made comments about wanting to 'plow' me (her words, not mine). I thought I really liked this girl, too, but something happened that changed my perception of her: it became obvious that she was a dumb bigot. She found out that I'm attracted to black women, got mad at me for it, and when I mentioned that she hangs out with black guys she said "Yeah but I don't fuck them! I'm not attracted to niggers". It threw me for a loop, since this woman clearly emulates the black people she hangs around (speaking in ebonics, listening to rap, incorporating their style into her own) and her apparent best friend is a black woman. I didn't understand it, and when I asked her how she'd feel if I got with a black chick she said "don't expect to fuck me afterwards", and has been showing me pictures of ugly black women ni the hopes that I'll stop finding them attractive and 'come to my senses'.

I'm trying hard to at least somewhat understand how someone can claim to be friends with black people, listen to music crafted by black people, speak in slang that black people made popular, and dress with the kind of steeze that black people made cool, but refer to black guys that she hangs out with as 'niggers'. I don't get it, can someone help me understand? Am I just missing something, or is this woman just retarded and I shouldn't bother trying to understand her logic?


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  • Well racism is a mentality that is extremely illogical to begin with so trying to make sense of it will require you to lower your IQ a bit.

    Just because a person emulate a group's style or is influenced by them doesn't mean that they are free from being bigots. Take Rock & Roll for example. Rock & Roll was a music genre that was heavily influenced by Black Americans, but that still didn't stop a bunch of racist White people back in the 30s, 40s and 50s from listening to the music and enjoying it. The same goes for Jazz, Blues, American Football, Basketball and Fashion all of which have Black peoples fingerprint all over it, but still racist people continue to enjoy those things.

    As for this girls she is definitely a closet racist, and you expressing your preference for a group which she secretly dislikes has only exasperated her dislike for them. That black girl that is supposedly her friend is probably the exception to the rule (well at least in her eyes) and nothing more. As for those black guys she hang out with, well those guys are probably just guys she tolerate on an acquaintance level but nothing more.


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