What would you do/react?

What would you do/react if hypothetically at the next Democratic debate Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Jane Sanders got into a heated argument, and Jane Sanders reached her boiling point and punched Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the face on live TV?

  • I'd be cheering and clapping as Debbie falls to the ground
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  • I'd be cheering and clapping as Jane is taken out in handcuffs
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  • I'd be laughing as I wave by by to the Sanders campaign
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  • None of that would ever happen though... the debate is for the candidates and while sometimes they do get into arguments, the moderators are there to keep some kind of control. And if there was a situation where they needed security, they would probably go to a commercial break so we wouldn't see anything


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  • DWS and HRC are going to be sweating as details from the lawsuit dribble out into public during the primary season.

    HRC got my email from Sander's donor list.

    • A lot f sanders supporters have reported the same thing. That's why the DNC fire wall was down, so Killary could access Sanders files. Now the DNC are starting to refuse a full investigation of the incident, so clearly the DNC is hiding something.

    • Oh I guarantee it. I have never been a DNC donor.