If you see one tick on whatsapp, when does the other person think you replied?

So I see if you see one grey tick on whatsapp, it means it goes to the server and hasn't gone to the other person's phone yet..

So when it does get delivered you see two grey ticks right?

******* But what does the other person see in terms of the time the message was sent? *******

As in does whatsapp show the time you originally hit send? Or will they think you blanked them and sent it later after waiting?


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  • It shows the time when you hit "Send". Even if that person gets the notification a few hours later.

    • Ah so say you send at 9pm, and checking your phone it shows 1 tick. Then next morning you note two ticks and they read it at 10 am, they wouldn't think you waited the whole night right?

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    • Ok, will she think I took hours to respond given it was delivered and read after hours? (Even tho I replied in like 15mins?)

    • Trouble is she read it later (it got delivered literally 7 hrs later) immediately but didn't respond. I am worried that that messed everything up?

      Hoping luck will change this yr?

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  • They see the actual time you sent the message, not the time at which they received it.

    • Ah right, so not hours later lol right? Otherwise it would make me look bad right?

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    • Great! Can you flirt with a female long distance friend (recently became single) by text and how? What type of stuff to make her think god I love this guy!

    • I'm sorry, I can't really help you with that! I'm not at all good at flirting, and whenever I try, it comes out so fake and artificial!

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  • They see the time you sent the message.


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