Would a guy feel hurt if he did something nice for you and you weren't responsive?

Like if he wished you on your birthday and you replied a week late.

The only reason I did that, is because I was so happy he did it, and I knew it would be pathetic if I replied right away only making my crush on him that much more obvious.

It was a charity case for him. I treated it with indifference.

Now I'm wondering if it was sincere. He started dating the girl he is now with within a few weeks.

But then again, I highly doubt I'm so up his radar list that my responding or not responding would really factor into his life, especially not to the extent that his dating choices would be affected by it.


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  • If you wait a week that is to most of us the same as saying "Oh you, Sorry. Forgot you existed. Thanks I guess. Not that I care at all. "

    • He's an intelligent guy. And the last time I met him I made it blatantly obvious that I had a crush on him by giggling/blushing etc.

      And when he walked away... I could literally feel my heart breaking. When I saw the wish I thought he just felt bad that there's this really miserable girl who would get happy if I wished her so he went ahead and did that.

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    • Yeah it was a generic happy birthday wish. At that time I was so low on the self-esteem department that I thought he probably just pressed 1 on his phone. I couldn't really believe anyone would like me.

      Also, I think I remember one of the reasons I stayed away. There was this other girl, (the same one he currently is dating), who I thought he liked when I used to sit beside him. I used to see them talking and thought he liked her and not me.

      I thought he perceived me to be that annoying girl who had a crush on him when he so clearly liked the other one and all this 'niceness' was to make up for that.

    • Well, you'll have to learn this one the rough way then. When it comes to people you like you have to take the chance of rejection or just be left wondering.

      Shouldn't take too many missed opportunities to figure out which one you prefer.

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  • You waited a week, just to not seem needy? Do you not think that's more pathetic than just.. replying?
    Yeah, I doubt him saying happy birthday and you not replying made a difference to his love life.
    But yes, guys do feel hurt when you blow them off.

    • I didn't know what to do. So I did the logical thing and stayed away.

      When you show someone just how alone you are, they can take advantage of you and disrespect you that much more easily. And he knew way too much considering the fact that I was not that well acquainted with him.

      That girl he started dating and me were at odds. It's a long story.

      I thought he wouldn't care whether or not i replied because he only did it out of pity

    • All you had to do was say thank you though?
      I mean I completely agree with you, but I believe overthinking your reply times because you don't want to seem needy, is needier than not replying.

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  • you're a dumbo!! Of course he was hurt. Now tell him that you like him before it's too late.

    • What if he didn't care and was just being nice.

    • you would never know, unless you tell him how you feel.

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  • Sadly, it's now very unlikely that you will ever know.

    • I've always liked him a lot more than I've ever liked anyone else come to think of it.

      But I'm so complicated, I don't knwo if he'd ever understand.

      I sometimes wonder if we'd end up crossing paths someday. Someday when things are less complicated.

    • Complicated? .. Well let's hope that one day the "gods" look down favourably upon you.