What can I do about this?

So, my dad is coming back to my life after he never took care of me. I am 16 now. He also never gived me his last name, my mom got back with her ex who always supported her and he gived me his. He passed away when I wasn't even a year old.
I am going to ask my bio dad for his last name, I know what it is but like his permission. I got told I don't need his permission to change my last name to his since he is my biological dad.
I told my mom and she said no. She said that I am under her rules and that she won't let me. I get kinda pissed at it because after all it's MY name not hers.
Do I need her permission to change it? Or by law am I consider old enough to change my name alone?


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  • Well I think you need to be 18 to change your name on your own by law, but it might vary by state. Anyways, I think the situation is pretty complicated but when and if you're old enough to change your last name and that's what you really want, don't let your family stop you. It's your life 😊

    • Yea, plus I have a stepdad now and she didn't mind if I ever changed my name to his. I guess it's because she hates my biological dad. She does hate him. I get the reasons but even with those feelings of hers, his name belongs to me. It's a right I should have it.

    • Yes I agree, just because your mom resents your biological dad, it doesn't mean she can order you not to change your name to his. He's YOUR dad.

    • Agree:)