If you drop some food to the floor, do you pick it up and eat it or throw it away?

Eat it... yeah it's a pity to throw it away... others don't have food to eat u know... ok if it's just a fry... but if someone throws away a whole damn sausage for xample he/she needs to receive some punches in my opinion...

Well unless it's some food like soup... so u can't pick it up then... unless u lick da floor... hahahahahahahahahaha...

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  • Depends on what kind of food it is and where I drop it. At home, I eat practically everything I accidentally drop on the floor. I wipe our kitchen floor every few days and my girlfriend and me only walk around in socks, so it's pretty clean. I would just hold it under the water quickly and then eat it.
    If I'm inside a restaurant and I drop something, I don't eat it because the floor there is not clean (to many people in shoes walking around).
    If I'm outside, especially on a cobblestone street or some other place where not thousands of people pass by every day, I actually worry less than inside a restaurant. But when I'm outside, it also depends a bit on what I drop. For example I wouldn't eat a french fry or a piece of sausage that I drop outside but I would certainly eat a fruit or a piece of bread that I drop (basically, relatively dry things are okay).
    Back when I was a kid, I was a member of my local boy scouts for several years and we spent lots and lots of time in the forest. During that time, I must have eaten tons of "dirt". We would drink out of rain puddles and sometimes, some boys threw leaves or bugs or soil from the ground into the big pot where we were cooking soup. It wasn't really something that worried or disgusted me and I believe it might even have strengthened my immune system. So, I don't mind "natural dirt", I just mind human dirt such as dust and hair lying on the floor and stuff like that. That's why I wouldn't pick up something in a public building and eat it.


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  • Only if its in my home. Since I know the floor is clean

    • thank god i eat out rarely like once/year...

    • Likewise. My mum is a great cook so I prefer home made food to eating out

    • Plus the way I see it, one shouldn't waste food. I remember being in school and watching fellow peers buy food, not even eat it and just dump it in the bin. And I'd wonder to myself how some of us don't value what we have yet there are people in this world are starving to death :\

  • Only if its dry food and 10 second rule.

    • I don't think u need more than 10 secs to pick it up...

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    • And how do you measure 10 seconds?


    • @redeyemindtricks tic-tac.. tic-tac... tic-tac... tic-tac... tic-tac...

  • 5 second rule baby 😂😂


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