I misread his signals so badly, I'm pretty sad about it.. How do I accept that he and I will never be?

So for the past year and a half, I've had a crush on a coworker and I was pretty sure liked me too but was holding off on it due to the whole "dating a coworker" thing. There were definite signs that he liked me ( constant staring, lightly flirting, body language, quizzing me about a guy I was dating). If you looked up "signs a guy liked you", he pretty much hit all of them.

a few weeks ago, he brought his girlfriend to an office party. I had no idea he had one!! I was totally shocked. I think it was a fairly recent thing though. but it still stung.

to add to that, I'm actually leaving the job shortly (I got a new one) and it's like he doesn't even care at all. Today it almost seemed like he was even giving me a dirty look!!

so how do I let go of the hope that he and I would date? This has been something that's been on my mind for a year and a half.. Thanks!


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  • it's good you got another job, out of site, out of mind!

  • I think about the people who I've turned down and it reminds me it happens, I am not special and exceptional in a way that means rejection will never happen to me.


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