Extra Gum Commercial💕?

So this ad appeared before watching a video on YouTube a few weeks ago. It's one of the very few I didn't skip. It's so beautiful 😭 Made me cry the first time I watched it and I've gone back to it a few times afterwards. The song is amazing too and like, it's so original, I wonder who came up with this.
Anyway, here it is, I'd like to know what you think about it 😊

Like, I want this shit omg💗 It made me kind of really want to go buy a pack of gum and offer it to the first cute guy I see haha


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  • Yeah that's been posted a lot. I saw it on youtube. It just made everyone depressed...

    • Haha why? Because we don't get to have a love story like that?
      ... just a little bit. *bursts out crying* jk xD

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  • yeah it made me cry too.
    and the girl is covering an Elvis song. its not an original lol.

    • Glad I'm not the only one! and yeah, I didn't word that correctly, I meant that the video is original, my bad 😊

    • i felt so silly for crying at a gum commercial! haha.
      and yeah! I agree.

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  • Wow. That commercial deserves an award or something. It feels really cinematic like you watch a trailer of an upcoming love movie. I am impressed tho but I don't feel like buying a gum :D

  • i saw that one at the movie theaters.

  • I've never cried over a commercial. I liked this one though.

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    • What does this cheese have to do with the question

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    • Obviously not everyone thinks the same ass someone that's no good

    • Hmm I tend to find many things cheesy (like, a lot) but this video isn't one of them.
      And I kinda want some cheese now so thanks.

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