What is your favorite Hershey kiss to eat?

I like the plain milk chocolate one.


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  • same. plain. milk choclate.

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    • Thank you

      You're a cool guy to talk with. Even if we dont talk that often.
      I sure will do that. Bother u ^^ ...

      I think I may be in risk of falling asleep. So I will say good night

      Thank you for your company today Macklin

      Good luck with the avocados!

      And if we dont talk tomorrow, Happy New Year :)

    • @HookingSwan oh you know it counterpart, anytime! you're real chill to converse with, your boyfriend is lucky af :P

      yeah don't fall asleep on the keyboard! rest your head on the hay lol. and thank you, I think they're settling in real well! and same to you, if we don't talk tomorrow, I wish you a Happy New Year :)

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  • I don't like that chocolate. I tried it once, being from the UK it's not really seen much. It just tasted a bit watery, not very milky! Best way I can describe it. European chocolate is more rich I think.

    I think my favourite chocolote is probably Belgian or German, but I think UK chocolate is pretty good too. I think maybe you Atlantic cousins of ours just have different tastes to us ;)

  • They are all pretty wicked.

    Just give me any flavor.


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