Im able to continue to buy music with a empty visa gift card linked itunes account?

i had a visa gift card that had a few dollars left on it, like 4, and i bought a album that was $7.99 and it let me buy it, so to test my luck, i bought another album that was $7.99 and it also let me buy it. So my question is, can they track it back? will they bill me? and has this ever happened to you

It would just decline my purchase and remove it from my phone.


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  • Of course they can track it. Think about all the info you gave. Email address? Name? Home address? Apple has all of those. All they have to do is cross reference with your email.

    • Apple said it would just decline it and take it off my phone

  • I wouldn't press your luck. It's better to play it safe than rack up a bill that you can ill afford to pay if you do get found out.


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