How to forgive my family for ruining my birthday? or am I being mad for no reason?

this might make me sound childish but I was twelve when this happened it was my birthday and it was pretty boring but it was an ok birthday my brother had went outside to play basket ball with my uncle and he had broken his hand they wrapped it up then i asked my grandma a question it wasn't a stupid question or anything i know that for a fact i just don't remember what exactly it was and she had told me to go to bed ( i was staying with my dad and he was working st the time) so i went to my room and cried my self to sleep then a hour or two my aunt woke me up to blow my candles out then i went straight two sleep my question is how do i forgive them? (because none of them said sorry or even remembered until i told my brother today he said they planned to go to a drive in to watch this movie on my birthday but it never happened and he said they made food for him and i didn't eat i went to sleep hungry that day but i want to forgive and forget )


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  • Birthdays get ruined.