Have you noticed that most young people that call themselves sweetheart, nice, etc, are actually the opposite?

They think they are nice, sweethearts, etc. but most of them are actually jerks. I notice most older people mean it when the describe themselves that way but most young people that thinkselves as that are the complete opposite. I said most not all.


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  • Most teens don't know how to identify themselves yet, so they describe themselves the way their parents so. I on the otherhand know that I'm a caring, but brutally honest, loner. Lol.

    • Yeah, and the reason why nearly all parents describe their kids that way because most parents only notice the niceness of the kids, since the kids are more nice to their immediate and extended family most of the time than they are to non family members. So family just see their ''niceness'' and say they are a nice person when many times they are actually jerks because they show their true colors to non family members. I am glad you are honest though. When I said young people I included people that are in their early twenties as well not just teens.

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