Had a dream about my crush... what does it mean?

I know a lot of people might just say/think "It's just a dream", but I wanted to find out it's significance. What does it mean I want?

In the dream I was at University and was approached by a friend of mine. He tells me that the girl I like has a crush on me too. So I go up to her a hold her and kiss her forehead.

We then go for a long walk hand in hand and the dream ends there.

I remember looking at her face a lot and feeling my heart drop.


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  • Nothing! I have dreams about dying but I am still here!

    • Well dreaming about dying means you're afraid of dying and you feel it might happen to you soon.

      You're anxious.

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    • Internal anxieties.

    • yeah I guess about school! Probably why I don't sleep!

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  • It literally means she was in your subconscious (and probably your conscious too). That's where stuff you dream about comes from.

    Basically it just means you had her on your mind.

    I've had a few dreams where my crush asks if she can come over to my house and we hang out, it's great, and then I wake up and I'm sad cause she never asks.


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  • she's your CRUSH! duh

    • Does it mean anything more than that?

      I've read it might mean I'm confident she likes me back?

    • I don't know.. its probably what you're wishing for.. and you saw it in your dream..

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  • It means you're in too deep. Get out while you can.

    • Why would I get out of something I like?

  • dont go through the pain brudda, just leave

    • It's not pain... it feels nice.

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