At what time in GMT (UTC) will it be New Year where you live?

It's easy to determine: just google "time zone" followed by your country name.
If you county is in UTC + 7 than just reverse the sign: deduce the 7 hours from midnight:
In the UTC + 7 zone, New Year will be at 5 PM UTC: midnight minus 7 hours.

This question was inspired by the knowlegde that in some countries in the Pacific it would already be New Year (here in Belgium it's 1 PM now).

We're in UTC+1 to 11 PM UTC will be New Year :D

This website can help you with finding your time zone easily...


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  • When it's midnight GMT, it will be 16:00 here in beautiful California.

    When it's midnight here, it will be 08:00 in jolly old Greenwich.

    I visited the Greenwich Observatory. I stood on the Meridian, one foot in each hemisphere!

    • Haha in what hemisphere was your belly than? Gosh what a difficult question :o :o

    • Well, since I was straddling the prime meridian, I guess half of my belly was in the western hemisphere, and the other half was in the eastern. In fact, it is entirely possible that one testicle was in one hemisphere, while the other was in a different hemisphere.

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  • It'll be 12 pm GMT here :P

    • ... Or 12 am rather.

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    • I confused the fuck out of myself with this one :P I've always believed that 12 AM was midnight, and 12 PM was midday.

    • Haha do like we do in Belgium and count from 00:00 to 24:00 (which is the same)... than the problem will be solved once and for all :D

  • I think it will be about 7 pm for me.

    • That's 4 hours before me... you'll have some bubbles inside you before it's my turn :D

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    • Yes, but even though I'm Chinese other cultures celebrate it so it doesn't belong to us. It's usually around late January or early February.

    • Yeah last year I asked a question "when are you celebrating New Year" and most countries in Eastern Asia seem to celebrate the lunar New Year.
      A friend of mine sending New Years wishes to his collegues and customers world wide found a good solution. He wished the "happy orbit around the sun"... original :D

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