What would you like to see in a TV show?

Right now, I know only one trans character (the one Laverne Cox plays in OITNB) and only one Native character (Jacqueline Voorhees from Kimmy Schmidt) on TV. Maybe there could be a show set on a reservation. With a major trans character. But not the lead.


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  • Why would this be something that people would really want to watch.
    I probably will come off as an as or something but i think this whole thing about trans gendered people is stupid. Ok we get, it you are different and your life is better now but you don't need to advertise it to everyone.

    • It's not adversiting. But that's not the point. I was just giving an example.

    • I don't mean you are advertise I mean everyone who is transgender is on tv now. I mean for example why is Catlyn Jenner on my tv. Along with the rest of the Kardashions. No intelligent person cares about their lives and yet they make millions off of stupid people.
      What my main point is is that really terrible tv shows are on tv right now and i don't think that you suggestion would help in the matter.

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