Should I tryout for the cheer team?

I'm going to a new school next year and I found out that they have a cheerleading team. This is my first time going to a school (I did homeschooling before), and I heard that cheerleaders have a reputation for being mean.
So I'm worried that if I join the team I'll have trouble makeing friends because people will think I'm just doing it to get attention and to be "popular".
I want to join cheerleading because... Well it looks fun.

Also I'm in Canada if that makes a difference.


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  • You join because you have the abilities, and because you won't mind wearing short skirts. That's why you join. If they want to be mean, they can, but that doesn't mean you should be


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  • Every cheerleader I have ever seen at my school is extremely popular and has lots of friends and basically has no trouble at all at getting a boyfriend.

    • But they only date the jocks

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    • I hate how people try to make things black and white all the time, just let it be grey

    • @Dave20154 they don't HAVE to, but most like jocks. And MOST jocks like them. It's not like you couldn't date others, it's just the norm.

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  • So, did you, and did you make it?

  • Go for it I'm Canadain and the cheer leaders in my school where all nice


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