Having a really crappy time recently, does life ever get better?

Last few years to me have been mothing short but one bad thing after another, I'm 20, but I feel like nothing will actually ever get better for me.

I'm not one of those 'types' of people that get friends easily because I'm both an introvert and just not a party person, I don't think a girl has actually ever taken interest in a guy like me, nomater what I do people rather pretend a genuine guy like myself doesn't exist. I don't get invited to parties, I'm just the type of person people just don't want around, I'm not a mood killer by any means, people just rather not have me around.

To say the least I live in a pretty small house with a small amount of money, I don't have much family aside from my mother who's been diagnosed with cancer, the last time I've ever been on holiday was about three years ago now, I just feel like people like myself aren't made for this life.

I'm just not happy with how anything is going, I've got no care to finish my driving lessons as really there's just no need to have a car at the moment, I have the option of University coming up in the coming year so I can focus on TV production, but just right now like the last couple of years I feel like nothing I will ever do will get anywhere.

I just want a life I can be happy in; I want a lovely warm home that doesn't have bare brick walls or cramped dirty rooms, I want a girlfriend that isn't already lining up her next two guys or there purely for sex/money all the time, I want holidays I can rest up and not feel like I'm just on this earth to be dicked around by everyone else, I want people to actually give a shit about what I say.

I just hate it, I just feel like there's just no point to life.


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  • It gets better, you just need to commit yourself to a higher cause. This is where people who are struggling turn to a religion, because it gives you a sense of belonging and direction.

    Now, you don't have to necessarily go the religious route. Getting a decent job and developing your interpersonal skills would be my recommendation. Through that job, you acquire skills and gain exposure to the intricacies of business and society. You'll understand that the entire system is one of "give and take".

    Right now, you want to "take". That's selfish and won't bring you happiness. The fact is, you have to give in order to receive. You plant seeds before you harvest. You invest in stock before receiving dividends. For those that get religious, you hear them say "I gave myself to Jesus". Same concept. To flourish, you have to give before you take.

    These are purposely vague terms because you can apply this principle to all areas in life.

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