Please I need a resource of information , anyone help me?

First of all happy new year for all of you ^^ wish u lot of happiness

I want to get an article about long term effects of father's physical abuse towards his son ;i mean violence; what doesit do to the child's personality?
I have searched but i dpnt find any good article


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  • My father was very violent- what would you like to know?

    • Im sorry for that :(
      i am curious about someone so i want to know.
      A boy who grows up with a violent dad ( his mom divorced when he was 6 y. o ) never asked about him again.
      How does the boy become inside in his relationships with others , his girlfriend , how does he see couple conflicts? Does it make him want to run away of them? How does he handle it

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    • Now, I rarely argue, never shout, avoid conflict.

    • Thank you ^^

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  • Look up social anxiety disorder, just in case you have that. Also, look up narcissistic behavior, in case you have that too. My parents beat me up, and called me a lot of names. Growing up, I didn't know why I am the way I am. All messed up, no empathy skills, no friends, and thinking no one else in the world would ever like me. Good luck

    • Thanks for your help ^^ dont worry to me you seem nice cuz u tried to help , cheer up and never have negative thoughts ^^

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    • Thank u so much ^^

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    • I strongly believe the violence affected my social interactions. I'd talk less, laugh less, I'd close off from my friends and I couldn't even hang out with them because of him.
      I now try to avoid negative confrontations as much as possible but if I am in one, I just stay quiet and listen and then say my part. I try to stay calm but I might end up crying.
      I think it changed who I was very much so. Now I am more calm, listening, understanding and open minded. Before I was just not as much, and I was very mean often. I try to treat people nicer and I never judge anyone unless they ask me to. Not everyone is effected as positively as I was in the long run. Some people become more mean and hostile and closed off. I have abandonement and trust issues now but I try to not let them control me.

    • I understand
      You turned those negative things into positive ones and thats the most important ^^
      Thank u for ur help