Drank alcohol only 5% felt like vomiting but I have been holding it, help find another way?

Okay drank only one bottle of vodka cruiser 5% i drank water in between but not food which is weird, i dont know why i even have this feeling then.

Woke up feeling the need to vomit, which i haven't yet because i hate doing it and i have been holding it pretty good. The feeling is gone but i still feel light headed so will it help if i drink more water now? Will it go away without me needing to vomit? Im sure my body will be able to man the fuck up and take it i hope... i know i know i shouldn't of bluddy drank in the first place but i was experimenting i guess you could say. I really don't want to vom guys...


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  • Cracker, or something dry and absorbant... Chew it well tho... And sip water... Intake very little, and give a couple minutes between each.. Like a cracker, 2 sips of water. Wait five minutes... Stay upright... Concentrate at a corner and ceiling joint, keeps the room from spinning, and a foot on thr ground at all times


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  • You might need something to help soak up the alcohol. Like, next time before you drink, try eating something with low-glycemic carbs (brown rice or sweet potatoes are good examples). It'll help keep your blood sugar stable.

    Vodka was the only alcohol I could drink and not get sick on. Maybe you are allergic? If the nausea persists, maybe try relaxing techniques (cool damp washcloth on the forehead, or back of neck but no ice). Elevate your feet. Maybe try to eat some saltine crackers.


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  • you might be allergic to alcohol or vodka.

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