Have you ever swallowed a coin? Has your foot ever fallen into the toilet? What's something crazy you did as a child?

When I was five, I was laying on the floor, swishing a penny around in my mouth and then it went down my throat. Luckily, I was able to cough it up.

When I was eight, I was dancing on the toilet seat for some reason and my foot slipped in.

When I was about 10, I put paper and suagr in a capri sun straw and tried to smoke it.


  • I was a rebellious child who did it all
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  • I was an angel. Doing weird things wasn't my thing.
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  • My foot fell in the toilet too!
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  • I also swallowed coin
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  • I tried things with cousins
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  • I tried snorting food
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  • ughhh.. no comment
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  • I put a dried bean up my nose at 2... Had to go to the hospital


Most Helpful Girl

  • I got dared to swallow a small rock. I swallowed 3. I made 15 bucks that day because the kid offered 5 dollars to whoever did it, and since I did 3 they upped the stakes. I bought soooo much candy and a few toys from the dollar store. xD


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  • Apparently when I was a baby I would crawl up and down the hallways and purposely bang my head on the walls and floor as I went. Surprisingly I never damaged anything.