No option for bluetooth headphones on windows 10?

Been trying to figure out how to connet my bluebooth headphones to my dell latitude E6400, which I recently upgraded to windows 10 like 2 weeks ago.

I looked up how to go, but when I go into device mananger, there's no options for bluetooth, and it doesn't catch my bluebooth headphones when I scan.

Might my computer just not be compaditable for bluetooth?

(I feel stupid but, whatever.)


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  • I'd go to the headphones website and see if they have an update for windows 10


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  • First of all you ain't stupid
    Second though I've know idea about it still I'm giving an opinion :P
    Third :
    Throw your computer 💻
    Use wired headphones 🎧

    • I don't have any wired headphones, I just got the bluetooth ones for Christmas haha. I dunno if throwing it is a good idea, lmao. Thanks though hun!

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    • My pleasure 😊
      Friends 😶?
      Cause I would like to have real Cheetos someday :P

    • Sure, haha! You can message me if you'd like. Or, do you have wattsapp?

  • It may not be compatible for Bluetooth, but you are in luck. Go to Best Buy or some technology store, there are USB adapters that you can plug in. Worst comes the worst, look online.

    • Thanks. :)

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    • Thanks! So, I also just looked and there isn't a bluetooth driver, but there should be, so I'm gonna download or whatever from the site, and if it still doesn't work I'll get an adaptor.

    • Ok, that's what I would do.

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