Can you find a topic I do not have an opinion on?

I am extremely opinionated and I was curious to see if anyone could find a topic I do not have an opinion on. It can be ANYTHING.


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  • what is your opinion on systemd vs upstart? which is the better init system and why?

    • I dont know what these are so I will google them

      I think the Systemd would be better cause i could actually understand the definition haha

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    • I was going to ask about her opinion on micro kernel versus monolithic kernel architectures but init system opinions seem like just as good a subject.

    • @gray_sailor haha yeah I'm sure you can find many good topics for that :P

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  • Culture of Arranged Marriages in Pakistan and India.

    • I believe arranged marriages are unnecessary but I can see where some people believe it is a good thing. at least they are marrying at all or finding good wives/husbands.
      but i would hate to be in an arranged marriage.
      the arranged marriages in Pakistan and India are not good in my opinion but I can't exactly do anything to stop it.

  • how do you feel about what's happening in kobe these days?