Bad end of the year?

The end of 2015 has been terrible for me- I've been diagnosed with mild depression, my grandfather passed away, and i spend NYE alone, basically getting jealous of everyone who was partying. I pretty much felt alone the whole last couple months.

Is it true when people say there's always a rainbow after a storm? Do you guys think my 2016 will be a really good one? I know they are silly questions but im feeling really down, and i don't want my 2016 to be a bad one.


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  • Good moments will come. I can't say when exactly, but they'll show up. I'm sorry to hear you've had such a rough time. I understand some of the struggles you've had or can empathize with them. Find those you can talk to and vent to them as needed.


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  • The first year after someone passes is the hardest.. Thats probably why u got diagnosed... U should grow out of it even if its not cuz of his passing... I did... Mayb not this year, but soon.. Just keep your head up


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