What type of censorship can you stand best?

No one likes naked people in pics and vids being censored. If you had to choose one, would you rather see them covering themselves with things like their hands, or by nothing but things like black lines/circles?

  • Their body parts
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  • Black line type things
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  • body parts is more artistic i reckon. if u take it from a good angle it can look nice, but even if it's nude and stupid looking, it's just a dumb photo.


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  • Hands or arms is definitely better. But luckily, in my country, they don't censor nudity on TV ;-).

    • What do you watch on tv that has nudity?

    • I don't know... I don't watch a lot of TV but for example when their is a news report, about something with nudity... say Femen (the east European women's rights group) is making another protest somewhere, the nudity doesn't get censored. Or there is knowledge show (science magazine, not sure what you call that in English) that I sometimes watch on TV. The other day they talked about sexuality and they had a naked male model and a naked female model (real people) to illustrate certain things. For example there they showed them completely naked with genitals and everything. Sometimes there are also commercials for stuff like body lotions on TV where they show some boobs (when they show a woman in the shower or something like that).

    • Wow. Our media sounds pretty different. 😕

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  • Covering with their hands is still considered just sexual teasing. The black bars is just plain censoring anything that's sexual.

  • I suppose hands more natural