What In The Hell Does This Dream Mean?

The dream was about me, my ex of a few years & our families. My uncle Robert had a business deal with her father. We had never met but when we saw each other we instantly liked each other but it was wrong for us to like each other because of our family being in business with each other. It was like both of our families having a big picnic. While her dad was meeting with my uncle she let me in her house and we went in her room. We chilled & talked & had fun like we used to but her dad came home early & needed her help with something. she went to help him but her mom was about to go in her room so I had to climb out her window but my uncle saw me climbing out. I left my phone in her room but I didn’t care. I make it back to our family having fun looking at a basketball game. I ask my uncle the score and he tells me but he asks me who is the girl. I tell him its his business partners daughter. He tells me that’s fine if I like her but it could fuck up his plans for the family. The last thing that happens is he takes a sip of his beer and asks me what is more important: making sure the family is straight or this girl?

What does any part of this means?


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  • Not really sure, but if you google dream dictionary you can find the approximate meaning of many common symbols in dreams.


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