How mad would you be?

This happened to my dad fyi

Pretend you're him.

You bought a brand new car after having drivin your last car for the last 22 years.

You're feeling in a good mood. You decide to take your teenage children (15 y. o.) to the movies. One of them invites a friend. You drive in your new vehicle.

No one tells you (or the friend's mom) that the friend is sick.

The kids hide it from you through the movie and on the way home that friend throws up all over your backseat and down between the seats.

It is then revealed to you that the friend lied to their parents about being sick (that's how they let them go), and that the friend had thrown up before the movie in the theater bathroom, and had left the theater during the movie to throw up, and both your children knew the whole time.

The puke is down where you can't get it. How pissed would you be?


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  • Upset...
    But They are still kids. I would have my child or her friend clean it up. If all was made right. Then it is what it is...
    If your friend threw up in the car you need to step up to the plate and do your very best to clean it up. EVEN if it isn't "your" mess if you get what I'm saying.


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  • I would be pissed and the kids would be cleaning it up. And the child's parents would be notified.


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  • I wouldn't be pissed, I'd be more concerned for my child friend. A car can always be cleaned. It's not like it's straight to wrecked

  • I wouldn't be angry but the kids would be paying for a professional cleaning, whatever the cost. I mean taking the seats out & etc.


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