Have you ever taken revenge on an ex girlfriend / boyfriend and how?

Im still thinking about doing so, i punctured a guys car tyre once, i knew she was seeing him, and my last ex girlfriend, just f. her. that frigging b. tch, never have i been so deeply insulted by someone who got away with it so easily. She still has nudes from me, that she took when i was sleeping. I wanted to puncture all her car tyres and smash her windows of her appartement. im just disgusted by people who take others for granted, who can be parents and still mess up their own life and that of others.


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  • Not on a guy I was dating, but I helped my sister take revenge when she caught him cheating. We cut a leg off on all of his trouser and cut one sleeve off on all of his shirts and tops

    We then made posters with a pic of him naked on it along with his phoe number asking guys to call him for sex. We posted them all over the bars and nightclubs of where he worked. As well as on street lampposts ( he worked on security there,) My sister took a hammer to the bonnet of his car and windscreen

    • good job :D so i should puncture this bitch her car tyres? or drive a tank into her house

    • Haha if you can find a tank. You have to be careful because you could be arrested for criminal damage. She isn't worth getting a criminal record

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