What's wrong with me?

I been talking to this girl for a couple of days now and I can't help feeling so desperate. She's attractive and very kind, but I can't stand how she doesn't respond back to my text. We can have 10 minute conversation, then an hour later, I start to feel desperate. We met on a social app and every time when she doesn't reply back, I always find her out of nowhere on the app. I don't know I'm getting clingy or so, because the feeling is so unbearable. I would sit and hear my phone buzzing to see just a dumb notification. I would send two messages and after 3 hours, I would check to see if she replies back. I would delete one of the message and come up with something. I panic on the inside and don't show it. I feel like I'm pressuring her to talk to me. I gave it a rest, then she text me at 4 in the morning. Am I being clingy or just frustated?


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  • I think you just like to talk to her. She is probably busy. Or has stuff going on.


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  • A little of both it seems. Take it easy. She's texting you in the first place--that's good.
    Just remember texting is a means to an end. It shouldn't replace one-on-one interaction.
    She could be very busy and just not have that much time.
    Don't barrage her with texts. They don't like that.
    Don't chase.
    You need to give her space, I know it sucks but you need to. If she is still interested, she'll text you back.
    Hang in there...

    • Thanks, man. You're very helpful.

    • I see you like her but there are lots of pretty girls out there, ok.
      And they may be interested in you too. Keep your eyes open and head up.

      I've been there.