Is it normal for pee to end up clear in the toilet? Or is it because not enough minerals/vitamins in my body?


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  • If it is clear that usually happens when you drink a lot of water. That naturally is a good thing.

    Now if it is clear without you drinking lots of water, you might should observe yourself a little more and figure out if there is a pattern when it becomes clear.

    • I thought yellow is suppose to be normal?

    • There is an yellowish colourtone to it, but how strong that colour comes out depends on the amount of water you are drinking. Feel free to try it out. Drink one day barely any water and see that it most likely will be a lot stronger in its colour.

    • Thank you.

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  • That means you're hydrated. It's normal.

    • Okay thank you. I was a little concerned. I thought yellow pee is normal

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    • Apparently gag is being picky when I can pick mho.

    • Oh yeah it's like that :/ no worries! :)