How do you really stay good and kind in a world that always reward and reinforce the bad? What purpose does good have when its all kinda meaningless?

To me, this seemed like the default design of life. People will always grow to take you for granted if they are treated good or properly over time, in the vast majority of the time good things and good actions hardly gets remembered and if it does it often is for all the wrong reasons. If a person get 10 compliments and 1 insult, most will remember the insult and forget the compliments. If you are kind and acceptive you will always become very hated by people who disagree with you, they may label you devil worshipper or something else that is just stupid. While this isent about religion, can just look at the whole Jesus thing too, regardless if you believe in it or not, he was basically crucified cause he was good. Imagine if he never was kind to anyone, he would never been killed. Suffering and pain always travel so much easier than something good. If you are wronged, it always seem so much easier for people to wrong someone back or more in the prossess as "justice" or vengance or by "acting out". All understandable, but sad too. In my opinion, if somebody causes you pain, let the pain stop with you. Dont let it travel, infect and spread like a disease.

But I find it so hard myself everything sometimes, world is pretty unfair no doubt.

Pardon my rant.


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  • this is a good question, and it's too bad more people don't answer it.

    in my life, I've learned to just shut out negativity, wherever it lurks. i don't care how messed up the world becomes, i know there will always be good people with good hearts. goodness will never die out, even if it fades. i thrive on moving away from the norm, being different. if people hate your good nature, then their fucking loss, because the poor things can't comprehend a good nature. feel sorry for them. people stoop so low that a good person almost becomes a foreign species to them.

    i love the message you're sending out about pain stopping with you though. it's very refreshing.

    as for the jesus thing, for him it wasn't a personal matter. it was a mission that he had to do, regardless of treatment.

    you know what's up though. keep it classy, and don't let society change u.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful answer. And sorry for very late reply.

      But yeah was suprised anyone answered it eventually really.

      I see, is not always so easy to keep a healthy balance either that way since a lot of wisdom can often be found in the negativ stuff as well, but I know what you mean regardless. Most likely neither side would ever really die out. No doubt, and yeah many can't. And yup, lol. Sure know that one.

      Thank you, kind of you to say. But yeah I been at the other end of it for so long, where other people project pain they get from others on to me or my way, know it certainly hasent made my life any easier, so dont wanna do the same to anyone else.

      It may not have been a personal thing, but the consequences of his good/kind hearted actions is interesting in that sense how much it applies to everyday life still. No good deed goes unpunished as they say.

      Thank you, kind said of you :).

    • no that's okay =]

      yeah u know what's up. we can't have the good without the evil, because without evil, how can we appreciate the good? same can be said for light and darkness.

      that's okay, it's honestly very rare to have that mindset expressed here, even if many do have it. u might even be the first I've seen in a LONG time. a very good approach to life.

      oh definitely, it is relatable yeah, but He meant for it to be, so that we can follow His example.

      no worries =]

    • :)

      Yeah exactly, you wouldn't even recognize what is really evil or good either. Cause yeah you kinda need to understand for example evil in order to be really good. So many people do so much evil in the name of "good" cause they dont know any better either. A scale that can lean either way, the deeper your understanding is for evil, the deeper is your understanding for how to be good. Why life need both of them anyway. Cause yeah without evil, good wouldn't exsist either, like light an darkness yes.

      Man thats sad, lol. I dont really consider much of anything I said here deep or anything, shouldn't be that uncommon, but hopefully more people understand even if they dont talk about it.

      That certainly seemed like his intention yes :).

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  • I feel you man. The world can be messed up at times and it's so easy to give in to all the negativity around. I'm a kind/good person and I remain that way because it's all I know how to be. Being negative just seems taxing and is huge waste of time.

    • No doubt yes. Thanks you for your input, and thanks for still staying good :). Can get what you mean yes :).

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