Where is the line between a sign and a coincidence?

You know when there is stuff or events that happen that remind you of something? I'm not talking about you are in a park and you see the same flower that the guy you like gave you.

Im talking about, running into your crush while being in a different country.

Or your friend ending up working at the same place your crush is working.

Do you think some things cross the line over coincidence?


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What Guys Said 1

  • YES! Some thing just feel like they were destined to happen and regardless there is no changing how those events will occur in life! A coincidence can't be imagining you will meet up with a best friend in a different state and it actually happening! It's almost like some fantasies are so strong that they come true sometimes 😜


What Girls Said 1

  • Perhaps. Have a lot of these too. But if you're looking for a sign, you could view it as a sign. If you aren't looking for a sign, then it's just a coincidence. It's all about perspective and state of mind.

    • That's why I gave my examples ;)

    • Right, but it doesn't matter what we think. It's about what you think. If you choose to view it as a sign, it is. Otherwise it's just a strange coincidence. We can have our opinions, but that doesn't define what those situations are or are not. :)

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