Will I ever find love?

I just feel like no matter what happens love doesn't happen to me. I mean; I get all kinds of love except that of a romantic one.
Usually when men begin to develop feelings for me they just stop contacting me or run away for some reason. or something comes up and it just doesn't work out.
I just feel like I should just give up. I'm working on my career now to become an explorer for national geographics or some other company. I'm focusing on my dreams and taking care of my family, friends, and pets.
Im just scared now. I'm scared of having my heart broken again. I'm scared of a man leaving me.
I almost got married last year and the dude just cut me off. Told me he was thinking of divorcing me even before we got married.
I recently started talking to this new guy and he just out of the blue stopped contacting me.
Honestly; I don't think there is anything wrong with me. I'm not ugly, I'm outgoing, funny, bright, and adventurous. I know I can be stubborn and a bit immature and tend to laugh too much.
Should I just forget love and work towards my dreams?


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  • Love comes eventually. Your career is much important now. Focus on your career 😊👍


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