How Do I Stop Living In The Past?

... When the present has so many reminders of the past? Will I ever stop existing just to be used by guys who can tell I'm broken?


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  • The past is memories. No more no less. It's what you can remember in your imagination.

    The future is only ideas in your mind as well.

    The only thing that exists is this moment. This breath you're taking in right now is real. Feel the air moving through your nostrils. Feel your chest rise and fall. Feel the air refresh your body.

    Your thoughts belong to you. You can examine them. Work with them. If they aren't improving your life, let them go. They're just thoughts. Don't push them away. Take in a breath. Let the thought attach to the air. Then just let it out. Let it drift away. You don't have to forget. You don't have to relive either.

    You have great value and potential. You matter.

    • The things that happened were not imagined. You make it sound so so much easier than it is. How? How can I just let them go when they start receding something else makes the memories resurface over and over. It's a whole process that I go through time and time again it's like a cycle, a deadly cycle that I keep reliving and I can't make it stop! I want it to stop. Make it stop
      I don't matter, I'm nothing.

    • It's simple. It's not easy.

      Coping with the past isn't something to be done once perfectly.

      It's a skill.

      A skill that gets better by consciously working on the skill.

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  • Firstly I can somewhat relate to this. But you have to realize that YOU have to be the change. Mostly when guys use you there are early warning signs that they might do so. I think you need to stop looking at the past in such a negative way but rather look at it in a positive way and you do that by looking at the lessons you've learnt and what your experiences has taught you. Each experience can have a valuable lesson and it's up to you to make something out of it.


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  • You need to realize how stupid you are to destroy your present just by thinking about the past. Past is past. It is gone. Nothing can change it now but you are in charge now , of your present amd future. Thinking again and again ofthe past, what have you gained so far? Besides pain and regret and sorrow. Nothing. Just imagine how stupid this is. Realize this. Live in the moment and just dont give a fuck about the past long gone. Its not gonna happen again. Its not gonna come again. Its gone. Its over. And you, you're still here, better then ever, stronger then ever. You learn from mistakes not cry over them. Thats what life is. Its a ride and its supposed to be fun but in the end it all depends upon how you look at things.

    Always remember, Dear..

    . Yeasterday is the HISTORY, Tomorrow is the MYSTERY but Today is a gift, That's why they call it the PRESENT. 😘 stay good and stay blessed. Never let anyone down your love for self and your pride. Good luck.🙂

    • I already know I'm stupid. The past becomes the present.. you wouldn't understand what I mean though. It does keep happening again and again, over and over. It's not gone, it's not over, and I'm not better or stronger. Maybe for you those words are the truth, but I'm not you. Today is not a gift.
      You've got to be kidding me. I have no self love.

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    • It isn't yout fault.

    • You said 'Things don't happen unless YOU LET THEM', sounds like you are to me.

  • You take the lessons learned from your mistakes and move on.

  • Detach the past from the present. Don't give the past any attachment to the present. Then figure out what's broken and develop a strategy to fix it.

    • That's really hard to do when the same bad type of things keep repeating. I know what's broken, me. I don't know how... I'm lost, unmotivated, don't see it getting better, etc. I feel like a baby, one that no one wants... /:
      I'm ridiculous, I know.

  • Ok so your profile pic make me feel something tbh...
    You can forget your past with the help of :
    A boyfriend
    A guy friend
    A girl friend
    A best friend
    A GaG friend (obviously me 😂 lol)
    by the way A = Awesome :P

  • The more you distract yourself from the past, the more you think about living in the preset.

  • when you're older it'll be easier cause you can move away from the past like a different state, you dont have too say where you are


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