Why is getting multiple tattoos no big deal for some people and I feel like a wuss?

I'm talking about getting large ones or ones in multiple painful spots.

I got one on my calf which is least painful, it's not very complicated and those are the reasons for the area though I liked the design. But I know I'm sure there would be others that are larger/more realistic I think would look cool but I'm afraid of the pain because it would have to be in that area.

I feel like a coward. I know girls who have multiple ankle, wrist, shoulder, and stomach tattoos which are all high pain areas and they had no trouble and here I am got one on my calf and they look at me like I wasted my time and money, I just wanted to do something daring for once but I took the easy way out.

There are women who like men with good quality tattoos and it shows pain tolerance and that's why mine doesn't show much but a simple design that should of been much more complex.

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  • Because some people find the appeal and the sensation addicting, I remember when I got my first tattoo I wanted another, I haven't got a tattoo in about 3 years. I don't miss it, however my ex gets a new tattoo probably every month or so, some areas he'll never tattoo because of the pain. Some people just have higher pain tolerance.

    • I don't know how I would handle different areas, but thinking you can't do something is the worst feeling!

    • Also how some girls find men with tattoos a turn on, never thought the day would come where women start dating for body art.

    • Not quite sure, currently datings someone who has none so I have no idea maybe it makes someone look more unique?

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  • At least you got a tattoo. I think big tattoos look good on girls. I see nice ones all the time.

    • Somewhat, but not full body tattoos (like entire arm or leg), for me it's too much for my liking.

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    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion.

    • Your welcome

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