What is the most offensive question you have come across on the G@G as well as the most interesting type of question that you have come across?


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  • there's one person on here who keeps putting females on blast
    talking about them being superficial, cheaters and such...

    Interesting ones... I can't come up with one right now, but there are some questions that really got me thinking, learned from that point of view and such


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  • Most offensive? Couldn't say; I don't get offended easily.

    Most interesting? Couldn't say; This site is typically full of questions that revolve around breaking down specific nuances of conversation/body language (ex: He lifted his right leg to fart instead of his left does that mean he's cheating on me?).

    • immediately take back the most interesting part. Anything asked by @Blondfrog is interesting as shit, and the cringe worthy answers by some people make it all the better.

    • Hahaha! The example!!!
      Yeah, it happens... sometimes people just love to make issues about the fun questions.

  • It's really hard to offend me so I can't recall anything.

    • What about the interesting ones?
      I added so that those who find questions offensive can answer too... if you could understand what I mean.

    • lol I'm on here every single day so I have seen a lot of interesting ones.

    • I use to be here on the daily basis too, when I used my previous account... still some specific style of questions attracted me the most.

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  • The one where they were hurting...

  • haven't been here for long but some racist questions are offensive
    interesting questions are usually the funny ones were its someone asking something random and silly at the same time its probably why people stay here for long for the lols