What's a song that makes you cry 😂?

Let's share music that makes us emotional?

I listened to this while I was alone on New Years. :)

Also, this is my go to feel-bad-for-myself song.

Have a nice day. ✌

I don't know why the sane video is up there twice. 😢😢


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  • sry but music doesn't make me cry :P

    • Not even sad?

    • I don't cry easily. I can remember 2 times in my life where I really cried (not just watery eyes).
      I usually don't listen to texts, the English ones I have difficulties to understand everything and with German or Luxembourgish ones where I have less problems I usually don't listen to, And if I listen to some of those they don't do anything for me... it's just a song, I don't even know if anything of what they sing is real or not. I need more than that

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  • Clouds by Zach Sobiech