Paranoid for no reason?

A whole bunch of us got pretty smashed and by the early hours of the morning we crashed on a large sofa all bunched together, i had to spoon slightly with another person. I don't know them much and honestly just did it because of lack of space and as it was cold the warmth was nice too. To me it was purely practical and nothing else. Only a few times they put their arm around me and i honestly think it was purely for the sake of comfort. I was still not sober but it didn't feel like anything or awkward just practical. Now i'm getting paranoid and hoping i didn't give off some message, it's not even on the list of things i want to do or imply, after all there were 10 others around us all squished together (and drunk). When we had sobered and left it was normal and not awkward or anything.


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  • Yes! Girl go to sleep! Things will start making sense in the morning!


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  • If you guys smashed than anthing after was not awkward you guys were just living life and having fun.