I dont know what to be, anymore?

So, all my courses for high school were chosen so that I could work towards becoming a climatologist and stuff. Right now im in grade 11, and I found out that by 2020, jobs are supposed to increase in the earth science department but there'll still be more people looking for jobs than there will be jobs available. If I go to do my bachelor's and then my master's, i'll be out of school by 2024 or 2025. Apparently, geoscience jobs are supposed to increase a LOT and are going to be in a lot of demand but that's because of the oil industry and i dont want to work in an industry, destroying our environment and stuff. So i'm not going to be benefited much by this. But this is something i REALLY enjoy and I really want to do. I dont want to go into the medical field and im not smart enough to be an engineer :/ I don't know what to do anymore. Should I just go for it? There are no job out looks for it in Canada, but maybe another country? so should I just go for it or should I find something else to go towards?

anything with research is fine, as long as it's not medical, I dont wanna fall in the same path that everyone else is taking.


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  • Be yourself.

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