Guys - If You're Girlfriend Invited You To Hang Out With Her And Her Group Friends (All Female), Would You Do It?

I find that when women are together in groups, they act like kids, do and say stupid things and are more judgmental. That is why I would never hangout with my girlfriend and her friends... if I was the only guy in the group.

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  • I agree with you on the whole about how groups of women behave. It would depend how long I would have to be with them and what we were doing. On the whole I think it would suck though and would probably try to avoid it.

    • Exactly. Women act differently when they are alone... but when they are with their friends, they act stupid and don't think for themselves

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    • Same here. Especially going to club scene... I see this so often -_-

    • Nothing for nothing it actually is a turn off and totally disgusts me.

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  • Sure why not I wouldn't mind.

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