Would you drink Camel urine?

For example

Muhammad did and recommended his followers so I'm curious how open they are too


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  • I'm not drinking any urine. Regardless of where it came from.


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  • Mohammed was also a pedophile who raped children... islam really doesn't work with what we americans call civilization, does it?

    • You're just an ignorant who just believes anything after 0.001 seconds of thinking. Where did you hear that?

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    • No, Muhammed (pbuh) didn't rape her he just married her at the age of 9. And they didn't have sex until she grew up. I'm from Saudi Arabia and I have been studying every Islamic thing for 12 years in school, and please don't trust the internet or the media. Especially when it comes to Islamic things because Islam has the most amount of hate between all the religions. It's just hard to convince people with everything going on these days.

    • So in islam: 10 year old girl=fair game for sex.

      Or do you have an actual source saying that she was an adult when the "marriage" was consumated?

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  • WHAT DAFAUQ? No he didn't
    No single muslim or any text or any thing says that nit even isis what you are saying is completely bullshit

    • "Uraina tribe came to Medina and its climate did not suit them. So the Prophet ordered them to go to the herd of (Milch) camels and to drink their milk and urine (as a medicine)."

    • You expect to understand el bukarhi? That can't be translated the book I mean and bukarhi himself made another book "how to read Al bukhari "
      And it takes literally years to know how to read it
      And I will tell u something in how to read it
      If Al bukarhi said ( and the prophet said etc ) means he's positive that the prophet said it
      And if he said ( Anas or any other person said etc )
      He means it's just rumors and he just mentioning them
      And there's nothing like this in Islam okie
      Now let's assume that this happened