(long detail) Is every single thing: motivation and action and thought and stances about sex?

So, I'm starting to think that every single action the vast majority of fhumans take is all thinking about obtaining a mate. Their positions on issues, lifestyle choices, careers, thoughts, interests, actions, behaviors. I rarely get messages from females, but when I do, it's like they're taking a checklist out and trying to see exactly which marks I have to see whether or not I am a sufficient male. "What is your job? How much money do you make? How many friends do you have? What are you doing with your life? Do you think you'd be a good dad?" And we all know males propensity to brute force their way into sexual conversations. Given that, it's also the male's job to pursue. If females were interested in concepts, wouldn't they message males more? As for males, males rarely message me, either. At times I get one or two, less than females, and we talk out some specific issue then they dissappear. On other social media sites. When I have my picture up, I get messages from females, all--all--ostensibly sexually inclined or interested. When I don't have it up, I pretty much get no messages.

There are subjects, for instance on GAG, where people are arguing certain stances on issues. Is that ultimately out of a sexual reproduction motivation? For instance, the whole feminism debates thing. Men want to devalue women, because it makes sex easier to get? Women want to raise their value, because that makes them, well, more valuable and capable of landing a higher quality male? But then you have female anti-feminists, so what do they get out of it? Solidarity with the male anti-feminists? I really don't know. I'm not saying any of this is how it is. It's just a question I've been thinking about.

Naturally, I think we all know that sex drives the human race. It's sorta the goal of life. But, is every single thing based on it?
I am passively resisting the fact that you suck. I am celibate, because I don't give a fuuuuck. Or maybe I do and don't even realize it. :(

  • Literally everything is about obtaining sex/getting the best possible mate.
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  • Most human actions and behaviors are about obtaining sex or getting the best possible mate.
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  • Very few human actions and behaviors are about obtaining sex or getting the best possible mate.
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  • No human actions and behaviors are about obtaining sex or getting the best possible mate.
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  • Don't know/results
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  • It's just instinct deep down that drives us to keep the human race going and we don't even realize it at times plus we don't like to be alone all the time


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  • I wish you put an option between "very few" and "most". Perhaps "some"? I put "very few" since I had to choose between the two.
    Anyway, no. I don't actually even want a mate. I'm happy being single. I do things because I enjoy doing them.

    • Ah. I had thought I put an option for "some". Whoops. Though, that's sorta a copout answer don'tcha think? There's some of pretty much everything.

      But why do you enjoy doing them?

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  • Welcome to the human race bro... It is pretty much all about sex... Untill u become an addict, then its all about drugs

    • Been there, done that.

    • Haha.. Me too.. Best advice i ever heard, u know u have a problem when u wake up and ask yourself "how am i gonna get some dope" instead of "how am i gonna get some pussy"

  • There's a pyramid of needs with self actualization at the top. I believe there is one more level, connection with universe.

    • Maslow's hierarchy of needs, yeah. More a theory, I believe. But what is self-actualization for? Creativity, quest for spiritual enlightenment, pursuit of knowledge, and the desire to give to society are examples of self-actualization. Aren't those ultimately methods to obtain more sex? That's at the top, after all other needs are fulfilled; but, that's supposed to be already after you've achieved sex, which is the most important, pressing quality, at the very bottom.