Have you ever flushed down a sock/underwear/bra, etc of yours?

Hahahaha... I use to flush down socks (if I lose its pair) and underwears (if in case I shart on it)...

Also one of ma first memories were when I was like 3-4... I was taking a dump and after I finished... before I called ma dad to whip me... I decided to flush down ma underwears and shorts hahaha... after it I don't know how it happened but I remember ma dad taking out ma clothes from da toilet... perhaps toilet was clogged since shorts were "too much" to be flushed... so I was lucky I didn't lost 'em I guess...

Oh and I tried to flush his slippers once... ;p

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  • My parents live in an old house with equally old plumbing. It's not advisable to flush things that don't disintegrate down the toilet.


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  • No, but my brother flushed our poor Goldfish, I was shocked :(

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • It will clog the toilet doing that so no I don't do that or it'll be a mess