Helpppp! I hate showering in the winter session?

I hate water since I'm kid I feel scared and shaking. I took hard effort to love bathroom Anyway when I was in school perfum was my big helper so no one noticed I'm so smelly I used to shower weekly or worse but after 19 I started to fix that and shower daily or next day Expect winter, turn on the heat is not enough, when I go in to pee it's cold I feel scared like horror... Now my family argue about how smelly hair I have and my feet is mud... I look like a homeless I'm afraid that my water phobia back and I can't use water anymore 😢 I'm 23 advice me pleaaase
Note: my teath still very natural white when I'm out I look stylish and clean that's why I can't go anywhere this month


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  • Simply go and look online and get a small electric heater with a reasonable heat output and let the little bugger warm the room for 2 minutes shower get out dry off and its over before you know it.😄😄😄


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  • Maybe get an electric heater for the bathroom for the time your in it


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