Stoner questions to make you think?

1. If 2 vegans argue, is it still considered beef?

2. Is the S or the C silent in SCENT

3. If babies are in the womb for 9 months, why aren't they 9 months old when they are born?

4. Why is there a D in FRIDGE but not in REFRIGERATOR?
Stoner questions to make you think?


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  • 1. no
    2. s's are never silent. i cannot think of a situation where an s is silent. c's however, have been known to go mute now and then
    3. in utero months are not considered as part of the baby's official age- it's just arbitrary. also people disagree about whether a bunch of multiplying cells can even be considered human life, so it is easier to have age "count" from post-birth.
    4. you got me there, bruh.


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  • 1. If two vegans argue nobody cares, what we call it becomes moot.

    2. "Scent" is a fufu word for smell or odor. It is therefore supurfluous and its spelling thus irrelevant.

    3. Babies are in fact in the womb on average for nine months, and God gives em credit for time served. God is in charge of birthdays.

    4. There is a "d" in Fridge simply because it was created by lazy, monosyllabic dullards either too stupid or too buzzed to pronounce the word correctly. Anyone using it in public should have their tongue removed!!

  • Good questions.

    Regarding #3, I think there is a culture that includes that time in a person's age. But there could be some uncertainty as to when a baby was conceived whereas you know for sure when a baby was born. It's simpler to exclude the time in the womb. Also, who wants to be older? There are a lot of people who want to be younger without an extra year added on. Then again, some people may prefer to look younger than they actually are so they might like being an extra year older.

    Nevermind me, I'm just arguing with myself now.

  • 1. Yeah it's beef. Doesn't mean they eating it though. It's just there.

    2. Shit you got me stumped on that one.

    3. They haven't fully developed yet. They are fetuses and not infants.

    4. Got me stumped there too.

    My Grammar skills suck though so...